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Hit the Road With Free Enterprise

June 10, 2013
10 Jun

At the end of spring, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce welcomed small business owners and entrepreneurs from across the country to our annual America’s Small Business Summit in Washington, D.C., to make their voices heard. Now, with summer heating up, […]

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Transparency Is No Virtue When Used for Intimidation

June 3, 2013
03 Jun

The revelation that the IRS unfairly targeted some groups because of their political beliefs has brought the importance of free speech rights into sharp focus. Sadly, the American business community has also had to fend off efforts to silence our […]

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America: The Land of the Lawsuit?

May 24, 2013
24 May

In a competitive global economy, the United States has many clear advantages. We’ve got abundant energy resources, vast agricultural lands, vibrant capital markets, the world’s top labs and universities, a sophisticated and well-developed infrastructure system, and an entrepreneurial culture that […]

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Champions in Intellectual Property: Innovators and Enforcers

May 20, 2013
20 May

When we think about intellectual property (IP) issues, it’s easy to focus on the bad guys—the criminal organizations, the plotting foreign governments, the online pirates, the counterfeiters, and the hacktivists—and the dangerous consequences of their illicit activities. They pose very […]

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Enterprising States Are a Model for Growth

May 13, 2013
13 May

Last week the president kicked off a Jobs and Opportunity Tour in Austin, Texas—a city that’s flourishing because state and local leaders have cultivated a good business climate and helped nurture a booming high-tech industry. The president is smart to […]

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The Case for Trade

May 6, 2013
06 May

What policy can create jobs, help small businesses, boost agriculture, spur manufacturing, level the playing field for America in the global economy, offer consumers more products at more affordable prices, and do so without increasing taxes or the deficit? Sounds […]

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It’s About Time for Immigration Reform

April 29, 2013
29 Apr

Immigration reform is one of the compelling challenges of our time. If we rise to that challenge, we can ensure that our great country can compete and win in the global race for talent. We can secure the lives and […]

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What Small Businesses Want …

April 21, 2013
21 Apr

America’s 27 million small businesses represent 99% of U.S. employers and account for three-quarters of all new jobs created. The smallest of businesses stand to make the biggest impact on economic growth and job creation. In order to remain a […]

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It’s Not Too Late to Fix Dodd-Frank

April 15, 2013
15 Apr

It’s been nearly three years since Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act to overhaul our financial system. While we agreed with many of the goals of the financial reform law, the results are moving us farther away from the well-functioning, well-regulated […]

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We Need Spending Restraint, Not Tax Hikes

April 8, 2013
08 Apr

As Tax Day looms, American families and employers are keenly aware of the deep cut the government is taking out of their household incomes and hard-earned profits. A heavy tax burden means that consumers have less to spend in the […]

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